Supported Self Care in the Community

By using Juzo Assist your patients need never feel "lost" again.

Let Juzo do the time consuming work for you, so you can focus on helping more patients.

Let us help you measure and support your patients in 3 simple steps

Factors to Consider

It is vitally important that you consider if the patient is suitable for healthcare from a medical point of view. If you use the service Juzo consider that you have carried out an assessment and the patient is appropriate for compression therapy.


Is the patient both mentally and physically able to look after themselves with minimal supervision?

Do they understand what they are being asked to do?


Who is looking after the patient?

Can they get their prescription?

Are there any other barriers - finance, travel etc?


How likely is the patient to concord?

What positive experiences can we draw upon to help them?

Do they understand?

Juzo Assist promotes self care by empowering patients and reducing nursing workloads.

With Juzo Assist your patients will never feel lost and will have all the support they need.

Juzo Assist is government endorsed and was the first company response to covid in the compression sector - for the historians amongst you the original home page is here